A Playset For A Mother And Her Kids



Andi and I have never met in person. We’ve been Facebook friends for a few years now, connected by a shared desire to understand how to live as young women going deaf and blind in a blurringly fast paced world. Our search to understand this challenge outflows into our efforts to raise awareness for Usher syndrome, the disorder causing us to go deaf and blind, through our philanthropy and blogs.

A mother of two adorable children, one of whom lives with cystic fibrosis, Andi naturally puts her kids needs before her own. Usher syndrome, however, has a way of forcing its needs into the spotlight over anyone else’s. Andi no longer drives and is unable to enjoy simple conveniences in life, such as taking her children to the park. Even with pre-arranged transportation, the stress of supervising her kids in a public space with impaired vision and hearing is overwhelming. A playset in her very own backyard seemed to be the only solution for Andi to put some fun back into her life… so we bought one for her!

Thank you to all of our supporters over the years, who have been the means for our organization to help people like Andi, and to Celestial Photography for capturing it all on video.

To learn more about Andi, visit her blog Notions N’ Dreams.

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